Lake Placid Vacations


Wide Ranging Lake Placid Vacations

The Adirondack Mountain area is stunningly beautiful. If you want a place to get away from it all and enjoy natural beauty, this is a great choice. Many hotels in Lake Placid are right nearby, allowing you to sit on the deck or look out your window and feel like you’re part of the scenery.

Lake Placid vacations can easily be all about relaxing. With several luxurious choices for accommodations you can be pampered, eat great food, and simply unwind from a hectic life. If instead you like lots of choices for recreational activity this is still a great getaway destination.

With golfing, skiing, hiking and swimming opportunities all around you can indulge the athlete inside. It’s well known for golfing, with several courses designed by famous golf course architects and the plentiful fly fishing also enjoys a good reputation as an angler’s dream.

Affordable Hotels in Lake Placid

Our accommodations meet your needs whether your focus is family friendly or romantic getaway. Many Lake Placid inns focus more on one than the other, but with our focus on personal attention the Town & Country Inn is perfect for both.

Hotels in Lake Placid are the right choice for many active families. With off-season rates and golf and ski packages these affordable choices provide perfect vacations that hold everyone’s interest. The area boasts both dogsled and toboggan rides which thrill the little ones. Hiking and mountain climbing keep families engaged, and beautiful picnic areas abound to relax in these glorious natural surroundings.

Lake Placid Inns are Perfect

Have you ever wondered if a perfect vacation place exists? Not commercial, not overdone, but just right to recharge and interest everyone in your family? It sure does, right here at Lake Placid. Inns are available in a range of prices from affordable to luxurious and all come with the gorgeous natural surrounding the area is famous for.

Lake Placid vacations fit the bill for nature lovers who just want to commune with the outdoors, sportsmen who love fishing or active sports enthusiasts with skiing, golf and mountain biking opportunities all around.